UILA The Root Cause Analysis Solution

For several years now, I have been an avid user of the Uila monitoring and root cause analysis solution. When Uila introduced its product at the Las Vegas, NV VMware Users Group Meeting (VMUG) about 3 years ago, I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical. The reason is that every company touts their product as the ultimate solution to solve the problems in your infrastructure.

However, Uila took their product demo a step further by allowing a fully functional trial that you could use in your environment with no strings attached. So, I decided to take it for a spin and haven’t looked back since. In addition, Uila’s engineers revisited the Las Vegas, NV VMUG and provided a hands on demo of the product which further solidifies my confidence in their product.

The Uila product that I used in my environments are a group of proprietary Uila Virtual Machines (VMs). The VMs initially start to unobtrusively gathers information about your specific infrastructure for detailed monitoring that provides a granular level root cause analysis and reports.

Uila provides a food stack viability into your infrastructure that allows for the deep root cause analysis. I put Uila to an extreme test in a purposely built ATOS NAO lab environment that utilizes two (2) IBM System x3850 X5 servers with a total 192 GB of memory and 32 CPUs. If anyone knows hardware you will realize that this hardware is not current anymore. These two (2) IBM servers are also ESXi 6.5 Hosts with  a nested ESXi VSAN 6.2 environment as well. Believe it or not this setup runs vCenter 6.5 very well with no hiccups whatsoever!

I put Uila to the test to see if it could actually find any issues from monitoring this older hardware infrastructure and find any root cause issues. Sure enough it did! I knew that the several uplinks had been disconnected and was causing network limitations as vmnic redundancy which is associated with VMware uplink (nic) redundancy (See Figure 1 ).

uila fig 1

Figure 1 Root Cause Monitor Level

I hid these issues from Uila’s, Roger Yao to see if he would be able to find the root cause with Uila (See Figure 2 )

uila fig 2

Figure 2 Root Cause Granular Level

After the Root Cause of my vSphere 6.5 environment was quickly and clearly identified, I was confident that Uila hasn’t lost its ability to be the leader in monitoring and root cause analysis, discovery, identification and granular reporting of any issue within my VMware vCenter infrastructure.

I implore you to take the Uila challenge and setup a one on one with a Uila engineer to test and get a demo of this very reliable product. Uila without a doubt allows me as an engineer to maximize my  application performance in my VMware virtualized environment.

Uila will be at VMWorld 2017 and if you are attending then please set up an appointment or just stop by their booth to get a briefing and demo of their product.

If you are not able to attend VMWorld 2017 then don’t hesitate to try the hands on interactive demo for yourself.

You will be very surprised and satisfied with the product in either venue.


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